Australia is a country I would really like to visit some day. I just love the whole atmosphere about the country. And the name of the country! Could there be a more beautiful and imaginative name than that? Since I want to know more about the country, and since I love reading, I thought this challenge would be suitable for me. Plus I need to improve my English.

So I am joining Australian Women Writers Challenge (AWW) 2017. There are three levels to chose from. Or you can create your own goal. I will start easy with ”Stella”. Read 4 and review at least 3 (if reviewing). That seems doable for me at this point. The book has to be written by an Australian female author. The book can set anywhere, but my goal is to read only books set in Australia since that is what I prefere to read about. I haven´t picked my books just yet. If anyone reading this has suggestions, please share.

Australia – here I come!




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